Are you a proud owner of a Teacup Yorkie? These little balls of fluff are a bundle of joy that can fit in your palm. But taking care of them is no small feat, especially regarding their diet. teacup yorkies feeding schedule appropriately is crucial for their health and happiness. 

But before we get into the details, let’s take a moment to appreciate the popularity of teacup Yorkies. Did you know that they are one of the most searched dog breeds on Google in the US, with over 27,000 monthly searches? That’s many people searching for tiny, adorable dogs to call their own!

Despite their small size, teacup Yorkies have a big appetite, and feeding them the right amount of food is crucial. Overfeeding or underfeeding them can lead to health problems such as obesity, lethargy, and digestive issues. So, it’s essential to understand their nutritional needs and feeding schedule to keep them happy and healthy.

But fear not, fellow teacup Yorkie owners! In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to keep your furry friend well-fed and nourished. From their nutritional requirements to feeding schedules, we’ve got you covered. So, please sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of teacup Yorkies’ diet.

Teacup Yorkies Feeding Schedule


As a Teacup Yorkie owner, it’s important to understand the appropriate feeding schedule for your furry friend. Feeding them too much or too little can lead to various health issues, including obesity, diabetes, and digestive problems. But don’t worry – we’re here to guide you through the feeding schedule for your teacup Yorkie.

Puppies (0-6 months)

When it comes to puppies, feeding them is crucial for their growth and development. Puppies need to be fed more frequently than adult dogs because they have a higher metabolic rate. For Teacup Yorkie puppies, the ideal feeding schedule is four times a day. Make sure to divide their daily recommended portion into four meals and feed them at regular intervals throughout the day. This will help maintain their energy levels and promote healthy growth.

Young Adults (6-12 months)

Once your Teacup Yorkie reaches 6 months, you can reduce its feeding frequency. For young adults, feeding them three times a day is recommended. However, the quantity of food should be increased slightly to meet their growing needs. You can feed them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with the portions divided equally among the meals.

Adults (1-8 years)

When your Teacup Yorkie reaches adulthood, they can transition to two meals daily. Ideally, you can feed them in the morning and evening. But, make sure to keep a consistent feeding schedule to prevent digestive issues. The quantity of food should be based on their weight, age, and activity level.

Seniors (8+ years)

As your Teacup Yorkie enters their senior years, they may become less active and require less food. You can maintain the same feeding schedule, but reducing portion sizes is essential to prevent obesity and other health issues. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate quantity and type of food for your senior Teacup Yorkie.

A Teacup Yorkie’s feeding schedule varies depending on age, weight, and activity level. You can keep your furry friend healthy and happy for years by following the appropriate feeding schedule and portion sizes. Remember, a healthy diet is key to your teacup Yorkie’s happy and fulfilling life.

Teacup Yorkies Diet

Teacup Yorkies have unique nutritional requirements that differ from other dog breeds due to their small size. They need a diet rich in protein, fat, and carbohydrates to maintain their daily energy levels. The type of food and the feeding schedule can also significantly impact their overall health and well-being.

Food quality is one of the most important factors to consider when feeding your teacup Yorkie. Feeding your dog low-quality food lacking essential nutrients can lead to health problems such as skin irritations, digestive issues, and weight gain. On the other hand, high-quality food specifically designed for small dog breeds like teacup Yorkies can help improve their overall health and prevent chronic diseases.

When choosing food for your teacup Yorkie, you should look for high-quality, protein-rich options. Chicken, beef, and fish are great protein sources that give your furry friend the necessary energy to stay active and playful. Consider feeding your dog a balanced diet with essential vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, iron, and zinc.

Another critical aspect to keep in mind is the feeding schedule. Teacup Yorkies have small stomachs, so feeding them smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day is essential instead of a few large meals. Puppies under six months old require more frequent feeding than adults, with at least three to four meals per day. Young adults aged six to twelve months require three meals daily, while adult teacup Yorkies only need two meals daily.

Factors that Affect Feeding Frequency for Teacup Yorkies

The feeding frequency for your furry friend depends on several factors, such as age, activity level, weight, and health condition. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors.

Age: Just like humans, teacup Yorkies have different nutritional requirements at different stages of their lives. Puppies need more frequent feedings to support their rapid growth and development, while seniors may require a reduced feeding frequency due to their slower metabolism. As a general rule of thumb, puppies should be fed three to four times daily, while adults can be fed twice daily.

Activity Level: Teacup Yorkies are a small breed but energetic and playful. If your furry friend is highly active, they may require more frequent feedings to maintain their energy levels. On the other hand, if your teacup Yorkie is more of a couch potato, it may need fewer feedings.

Weight: Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for your teacup Yorkie’s overall health and well-being. If your furry friend is overweight, you may need to reduce their feeding frequency and portion size. On the other hand, if your teacup Yorkie is underweight, it may need more frequent feedings to help them gain weight.

Health Condition: Certain conditions can affect your teacup Yorkie’s feeding frequency. For example, if your furry friend has diabetes or a digestive issue, they may need more frequent, smaller meals to help regulate their blood sugar or aid digestion.

Signs of Overfeeding or Underfeeding a Teacup Yorkie

As a responsible Teacup Yorkie owner, you want to ensure your furry friend gets the right amount of food. Overfeeding or underfeeding your Teacup Yorkie can seriously affect its health and well-being. Here are some signs to look out for that could indicate your Teacup Yorkie is being overfed or underfed.

  1. Obesity: Teacup Yorkies are already a small breed, and excessive weight gain can put added stress on their joints, bones, and organs. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, around 60% of dogs in the US are overweight, and Teacup Yorkies are no exception. If you notice that your Teacup Yorkie is gaining weight rapidly, it could be a sign of overfeeding.
  2. Lethargy: If your Teacup Yorkie seems to lack energy or enthusiasm for activities they usually enjoy, it could be a sign that they need more food. Alternatively, if they’re being overfed, they may become lethargic due to the strain on their body.
  3. Diarrhoea or Constipation: If your Teacup Yorkie is experiencing digestive issues such as diarrhoea or constipation, it could be a sign that they’re not getting the right amount of food. Overfeeding can cause digestive issues while underfeeding can lead to malnutrition and digestive problems.
  4. Vomiting or Regurgitation: If your Teacup Yorkie is vomiting or regurgitating its food, it could be a sign that they’re being overfed. Alternatively, they may eat too quickly if they’re not getting enough food, leading to vomiting.

It’s important to watch your Teacup Yorkie’s weight and behaviour to ensure they’re getting the right amount of food. Talk to your vet if you need clarification on the appropriate feeding amount for your Teacup Yorkie. Remember, a well-fed and healthy Teacup Yorkie is a happy one!

Tips for Teacup Yorkies Feeding Schedule

Feeding your teacup Yorkie appropriately is crucial for their health and happiness. By practising portion control, feeding on a regular schedule, avoiding table scraps and human food, and ensuring they are well-hydrated, you can keep your furry friend healthy and happy for years to come. Remember, always consult with your veterinarian for specific dietary needs and guidance.

Portion Control

Teacup Yorkies are small, and their stomachs are too. Overfeeding them can cause health problems like obesity, leading to other issues like heart disease and joint problems. To prevent this, portion control is essential.

A good rule of thumb is to feed your teacup Yorkie 1/4 to 1/2 cup of food daily, divided into two meals. However, the exact amount can vary depending on age, weight, and activity level.

For example, a teacup Yorkie puppy may need more frequent meals and smaller portions, while an adult teacup Yorkie who is less active may need fewer calories. Keeping a food journal or consulting with your veterinarian can help you determine the right portion size for your furry friend.

Feeding on a Regular Schedule

Feeding your teacup Yorkie on a regular schedule is also important. This helps them maintain a healthy metabolism, prevents overeating, and promotes good digestion. Try to feed them at the same time every day and avoid free-feeding. Leaving food out all day can lead to overeating and weight gain.

Avoiding Table Scraps and Human Food

While sharing your food with your teacup, Yorkie may be tempting, and it’s best to avoid feeding them table scraps and human food. These foods are often high in calories, fat, and salt and can lead to digestive issues or obesity. Additionally, some foods are toxic to dogs and can cause serious health problems. For example, chocolate, grapes, and onions can harm dogs and should never be fed to them.


Keeping your teacup Yorkie hydrated is as important as feeding them the right amount of food. Ensure they have access to fresh water, and encourage them to drink frequently.

A dehydrated dog can experience health problems such as lethargy, dry mouth, and decreased appetite. To ensure your teacup Yorkie gets enough water, add some low-sodium chicken or beef broth to their water bowl. This can encourage them to drink more water and stay hydrated.

Common Feeding Mistakes to Avoid

Feeding your teacup Yorkie might seem simple, but it’s crucial to avoid common feeding mistakes that can lead to health problems in your furry friend. Here are some common feeding mistakes to avoid:

  1. Overfeeding: It’s easy to spoil your teacup Yorkie with treats and table scraps, but overfeeding can lead to obesity and other health problems. Did you know that over 56% of dogs in the US are overweight or obese? That staggering statistic highlights the importance of portion control and a balanced diet.
  2. Inconsistent feeding schedule: Dogs thrive on routine, and feeding your teacup Yorkie consistently is essential for their health and happiness. Inconsistent teacup yorkies feeding schedules can lead to digestive issues and a lack of energy. So, it’s essential to establish and stick to a feeding routine.
  3. Feeding the wrong food: Not all dog food is created equal, and feeding your teacup Yorkie the wrong food can lead to nutritional deficiencies and health problems. Choosing high-quality dog food that meets their nutritional needs and avoiding human food that can harm their health is essential.
  4. Lack of hydration: Dehydration can lead to health problems like urinary tract infections and kidney disease. Ensure your teacup Yorkie has access to clean water at all times, and encourage them to drink regularly.
  5. Feeding while on the move: Feeding your teacup Yorkie while on the move, such as in a car or on a walk, can lead to choking and other health problems. Make sure to feed them in a calm and quiet environment to avoid any accidents.

Avoiding common feeding mistakes is crucial for your teacup Yorkie’s health and happiness. By following a consistent feeding schedule, choosing high-quality dog food, and ensuring they stay hydrated, you can keep your furry friend healthy and happy for years.

Veterinarian Advice for Teacup Yorkies Feeding Schedule

Consulting with a veterinarian can help you determine the appropriate feeding frequency and portion size based on your pup’s age, weight, and activity level.

Veterinarians recommend feeding your teacup Yorkie multiple small meals throughout the day instead of one or two large meals. This approach helps prevent overeating and keeps their blood sugar levels stable, which is crucial for their health. The number of meals and portion sizes should vary based on your pup’s age and activity level.

For puppies, frequent feedings are crucial as they have high energy levels and require more nutrients for growth and development. Veterinarians recommend feeding them 3-4 small meals a day until they reach six months of age. After six months, you can reduce their feeding frequency to 2-3 meals per day.

Young adults (6-12 months) and adults (1-8 years) can be fed 2-3 meals daily, depending on their activity level. Senior teacup Yorkies (8+ years) may require more frequent feedings due to their reduced activity level and slower metabolism.

It’s important to note that feeding your teacup Yorkie too much or too little can lead to health problems, including obesity, diabetes, and digestive issues. Therefore, monitoring their weight and adjusting teacup yorkies feeding schedule is crucial.


Feeding your teacup Yorkie appropriately is crucial for their health and happiness. From understanding their nutritional requirements to their feeding schedule, there’s much to consider. But, with the right knowledge and effort, you can keep your furry friend healthy, happy, and satisfied.

Remember, portion control is key when feeding your teacup Yorkie. Overfeeding can lead to obesity, while underfeeding can cause lethargy and digestive issues. Stick to a regular teacup yorkies feeding schedule, and avoid giving them table scraps or human food.

It’s also important to note that every teacup Yorkie is different, and their nutritional needs may vary based on age, weight, and health condition. So, consult your veterinarian to determine your furry friend’s best feeding schedule and diet plan.